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FOX News
Nov 12, 2013 1:00am PST
to do that. you can't sell anything to the american people any more. i don't know what happened to this great communicator barack obama that we all voted for you aren't communicating my friend. if you don't your numbers are going to go down and down and down. >> i think that has been one of their problems. they thought they could communicate their way out of every problem. kimberly, when you look at some of the policy problems ting finally caught up to them. >> they can no longer float in rhetoric. you may call him the great communicator yif you don't have any substance behind it you are just a suit. the american public has become so weary he has talked so much it is almost like white noise. if he would go into campaign mode and go out and give a series of speeches and connect with the people and move them he would send the surrogates out on the sunday news talk show he would work the mainstream media to be able to effectuate a spin. the feeling across the board in his approval ratings whether it is immigration or foreign policy everything else is not doing well for him. they ha
Nov 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
've got for "sg md." time now to get you back into the "cnn newsroom" with don lemon. >>> welcome back, everyone, to our live news coverage. i'm don lemon, you're in the "cnn newsroom." it is 6:00 sunday morning in the philippines. sunrise breaking on a national tragedy, and i'm talking about the utter devastation caused by an enormous pacific typhoon. the storm smashed into the philippine islands with a fury tearing roofs from buildings, ripping trees from the ground and cutting off hundreds of thousands of people from communications and any ability to move to safety. the people of the philippines are not only dealing with the cleanup and repair but the human cost is immense. early estimates put the death toll at more than 1,200 people and that's just in two coastal provinces. that number will likely rise considerably as casualty reports come in from rural areas. about 350,000 people are without homes today because of that storm. >>> and we have some remarkable images that we want to share with you, they are emerging from the philippines, many from right in the heart of the destructio
Nov 16, 2013 3:00pm PST
proathletes, the locker room culture, the use of the "n" word. you don't want to miss that tomorrow at 5:00 eastern on cnn. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us, top of the hour. i'm don lemon. a deputy sheriff walks up to a house, sees a child handcuffed to the porch by the ankles and there's a dead chicken around his neck. it happened. two adults, a man and woman are in custody at this hour and what the woman does for a living will surprise you. we are joined with the details on this. we have new video of the scene. what can you tell us about this? >> we have new video of the house, the outside of the house, of live animals, a chained animal and a dead chicken. we don't know if this is the one that was allegedly around this boy's neck. we have that video, folks. here is what we know. they are facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. larson is charged with willful failure to discharge her duty as a public official. listen to this. she is currently employed as a supervisor of the union county department of
Al Jazeera America
Nov 15, 2013 10:00pm EST
for thorough job that they've done to bring the charges that they brung against mr. wafer. i don't even know why i'm saying mr. wafer. this monster that killed my daughter. >> you took a life, and you took a beautiful life that was starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. and for that, i hope you stay in jail for the rest of your life. >> wafer's lawyer maintains he agented in self defense. bc onilery, al jazeera, new york. >>> just to note we also contacted the attorneys for theodore wafer but they did not get back to us. thank you very much for joining us tonight. ranisha mcbride's family must be relieved that mr. wafer was charged today. >> very, very pleased. these were the proper charges to be brought. we've waited two weeks as you've just stated but the prosecutor with the help of the michigan state police and the dearborn heights police department and her own investigators revealed that this was an unjustifiable homicide, that this was second degree murder. >> this is what we know about minimum about wafer so far. he has worked at the detroit airport for ten years, reportedly takes
Al Jazeera America
Nov 16, 2013 1:00am EST
supporting a republican bill allowing americans to keep their health plans even if they don't meet the affordable care act standards. the white house says the president will veto the bill >> formal charges have been vialed against theodore wafer, the michigan man who allegedly shot unarmed teenager renisha mcbride dead on his front porch. renisha mcbride crashed her car and walked to theodore wafer's house for wep. theodore wafer has been charged with murder. the details are unclear. >> devastation in the philippines - a struggle to reach survivors as thousands are homeless and desperate. international aid is pouring in as a clean-up operation tries to speed up deliveries of relief supplies. >> in china - an overhaul of the one-child rule. the ruling communist party decided couples can have a second child if the mum or dad is an only child. i'm morgan radford. those are the headlines. "consider this" is next and you can get the latest news online at see you in an hour. arms and almost two weeks later the shooter was charged. consider this, with similarities to the tr
Al Jazeera America
Nov 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
to act quickly, don't they? is that where a lot of mistakes are made? not in a sustained relationship, charity that you give to year after year, but want to go respond to a specific event. >> yeah, that's right. i think that we see that it leads to problems sometimes. the other panelists mentioned most of the money is given early on in disasters and if you look at early disaster response it's not always money. you see logistical problems in airports and because of the infrastructure in these places have been destroyed. often money earned in early stages is not a bottleneck to recovery. >> we're going to take a short break now and continue our discussion in a moment. this is "inside story." >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 5 to 9am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified here at the border. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america. >> we
Nov 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
the comics? >> that is right, they don't know rob ford. >> things start relatively sedate, but when i ask why he decided to admit his crack use after months of denial, he gets so angry. >> i was just sick and tired of all the allegations, excuse my words, that is all it is, sorry, i shouldn't swear in front of the kids on tv, you know, i'm paying my taxes, i made mistake, i'm human. >> but can't you see why some would question your judgment? >> so what? just lie? >> you said you didn't do it in the first place. >> you're wrong what they said, they said, do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict? no, i don't smoke crack and i'm not a crack addict, have i? yes, i have. i don't lie, i haven't smoked crack in over a year. but did i? come on. >> but that is semantics. >> you guys are typical media, all cut from the same cloth. >> but if we hope for a moment of contrition? how do we find ourselves in the middle of a rob ford rant in the middle of the projects? interesting story, it actually started here on "ac360" friday night. we look forward to having you by toronto one day. 18 hours later i
Nov 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
can't be the leader of it? >> i don't think it -- i don't think an independent candidate can possibly win a three-way race. if you think about it. you run a three-way race and translate to a morality of the electorial college vote. get to the house where each state gets one vote and republicans have 30 odd delegations. it's a virtual yule impossibility for the presidency. what i wish that americans elect would do is say instead of trying to get candidates to run or path and run for a job that is impossible for them to win is encourage independent candidates. people who are ceo or university presidents, community leaders to run as independents for the house and for the senate. >> yeah. >> there is nothing wrong with the senate that three or four legitimately independent senators could fix. it could go a long way. there's a structure barrier on the presidential side. there simply can't be -- >> you agree. >> that was sort of -- trying to finish my thought. that's what i'm shocked at. what where the 2014 candidates? it would be so easy -- i look at my home state of florida and w
Nov 10, 2013 3:50pm EST
'm speaking tonight. they don't have any complicated captions, so you don't have to worry about having to read them. but it's just so that we can see that we're talking about people and kind of get what i call the reality check. so, let's see, i have to kind of do it like this because i have to keep track. i'm going to start by telling you a story about something that happened in los angeles a few years ago. a group of health activists set up a kind of sidewalk clinic for day laborers, to test day laborers for hiv. and so a young man, omar sierra, was on the street corner that day, and he went to the clinic and sat down in the chair, and the nurse who was at the clinic, she tied him off and inserted the needle to draw his blood, and all of a sudden everybody saw these border patrol agents coming across the street. and so, of course, everybody ran. and omar, he tore off the tourniquet, and he pulled out the needle, and he got up, and he ran just like everybody else. and omar, he was lucky because he got away that a day. but a lot of his friends didn't. and so he went home, and he was very upset
Nov 11, 2013 6:00am EST
is an icon already. >> is that what the word is derived from. >> i don't know. >> spelled differently. >> not the word icon. i wonder his name. not either. >>> in other corporate news, the government wants bank of america to pay nearly $864 million in damages after a federal jury found it liable for fraud over defective mortgages that were sold in this case by its countrywide unit. government's also asking for penalties against a former mid level executive at countrywide. the jury found her liable as well. and vc firm andreson horowicz has sold a third of their shares. the shares were sold between 49 and $50. that makes the sale worth more than $111 million. kind of interesting that they decided to do that. the firm still holds more than 4.5 million shares. >> what do you think about that? >> at some point he has to harvest some kind of gains about this. he's still on the board, right? he can't leave but he can't hang out -- he can't be in there all the time. >> you know, some people say it's never bad. stocks do go up and they do go down. >> i remember that barons commercial. the mar
Nov 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
around but we don't. until we get that we won't. >> the business about early renewal program. you mentioned this on the air when we had that wonderful woman who was fighting cancer out in michigan. you gave her some pretty good advice the early renewal program. will obama allow them to extend to -- yeah extend out to 2014. would they allow that? >> right now many insurance companies in many states are allowing people who have received the cancellation letter to do what's called an early renewal. they changed their anniversary date to december 1, 2013. under obama care you don't have to comply with the obama rules in the individual market until the first anniversary after january 1, 2014. so they are suggesting people change their anniversary date to the latest as possible which is december 20, 2014. that way they get a one year reprieve. however not all states allow that. the state of california does not allow it. there are 1 million cancellation letters in the state of california. and the california insurance authority said we're not going to allow -- they said this before, the o
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 9:20am EST
printing. he is here in person in just a few minutes. don't forget about obamacare. congress returns from a long weekend. they're working on a fix. we have early enrollment numbers. say they're very low. that would be putting it mildly. in fact obamacare if it was a stock would be down huge. plus one company makes $5.8 billion in sales in just one day. we'll tell you who it is. "varney & company" is about to begin and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think aboutt, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ paying ourselves to do what we love? stick with innovation. stk with power. stick with technology. get thflexca platinum. new from plips sonicare. charles: all right. we've got obamacare imploding. the heated market debate. that's coming up. first another big story this morning, all about wealth redirection, this from the tax foundation. america's lowest income people, they get $5.28 worth of government benefits you will for every dollar in tax that is you pay. compare that to this, high income people get 25 cents for every dollar they pay.
FOX News
Nov 8, 2013 6:00am PST
. bill: there it is for now and what about it? jonas, good morning to you. did he go far enough? >> i don't think so. that sounded like the most passive-aggressive apology we have heard from a president in a while. bill: you say the was too cute, using a passive voice. >> he said we could have been more clear. that implies they were clear about something and they were honest about something, just not clear enough about it when in reality they were clearly dishonest. they said something over and over again were clearly that wasn't true. he can't admit that. this whole statement doesn't jive with the rest of his statement that these aren't the droids you are looking for. i don't think this will clear the air. i think they are trying to buy time. bill: because? what comes next? >> we don't know what kathleen sebelius is about to say. maybe she says she designed this website in a drunken stupor like the toronto mayor. but it sounds like they are laying the ground work for a website that won't work november 30. he's trying to give the democrats some flexibility that he met with this week. bill
Al Jazeera America
Nov 12, 2013 12:00am EST
identity out of fear of retaliation. >> if they have someone they don't like, they target him. they set up a couple of formations in a false place for that individual and they make the plan that that individual is going to show up there. and when they don't show up in the right place they're going to write them up. they'll see a soldier that is on edge, they'll push them to get them to lash out. >> a lot of these service personnel are being pushed out without any unemployment insurance, without benefits of any kind, access to the g.i. bill, any kind of support. what happens to them? >> the majority are homeless. if they don't have a family to go home to. i've seen soldiers actually taken out to the front gate with all their possessions and sat down. they don't have a car. they don't have a family. so they're out there with a flat screen tv sitting in the grass. >> in july, andrew long was charged from the air force losing access to benefits like the g.i. bill and unemployment insurance. his discharge form cites misconduct and drug abuse. >> there was no drug abuse found. i never came up ho
Al Jazeera America
Nov 19, 2013 2:30am EST
-- >> if you don't mind, united states is an ally that is helping pakistan's economy, and it ease war against terrorism, but it is an enemy in the case of drones killing innocents. and then we with have same say they were never our friends and never will be. and then first world says pakistanis from an international rate society of religious extremists. i want to get your comments on this, the founder of the terrorist group, openly hosts popular rallies. bin laden was found a mile from military come pound, and many people say that pakistan government is harboring extremists. so what is your response so the contention that it is the drone strikes in. >> well, look, i think the drone strikes are on -- i agree with her in a narrow sense. drone strikes have increasingly taken to united states to difficult territory, in the feelings with pakistan. because now it is the case of the parliament of pakistan, the prime minister, and i think some significant portion think that it is a violation of their territorial sovereignty, whereas in the past we had private arrangements to continue this, now i thin
Nov 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
. same happened the night before. they want to get out. they do not want to be in the area. they don't have a home. many lost residents and they don't have food and water. they just want to get on one of the military planes that's landing ever so often here at the airport and they want to go to manila. many don't have a place to stay. they just want it get out of the disaster zone. it is turning into a mass humanitarian air lift. every single plane leaving from here is jam-packed filled with survivors who are too trau traumatizez to stay and have nothing to stay here. >> in the next few weeks, are they even looking that far ahead and still trying to find people who died. >> not publicly. and i don't imagine privately. it is a disaster relief effort. they are trying to find survivors. trying to take away bodies. because many bodies are just lying by the side of the road. because they haven't had the manpower to now to move them more, just because of the sheer scale of this disaster. this is day three after the storm and have you health concerns coming up. you have health concerns of d
Al Jazeera America
Nov 15, 2013 9:00am EST
that got cancellation notices deserve and have received an apology from me. they don't want words, they want whether we can make sure that they are in a better place when we made that commitment. >> no one could identify anything the president could do it administratively to keep the pledge. let's be clear, the only way to fully help the american people is to scrap this law >> for more on what the president's new rules would mean on anyone that lost their shirns, i'm joined by emily ethridge, health care staff writer with roll call. the president's new plans, insurance commissioner said: >> along with being the mess is bandaid? >> it's not a band aid, but it's a difficult thing for insurance companies and commissioners to figure out. they have six weeks left in the year to scramble and put the policies back together. they have decided it may not happen this year or maybe next year. it's a lift - paperwork wise, administratively, it will be difficult to make this happen. >> one of the other issues that john boehner raised is that obamacare can't be fixed with an administrative acti
FOX News
Nov 12, 2013 10:00am PST
the services? >> we don't know the answer to that. more importantly, the government doesn't know the worry and they sought to raise reports of obama care and medicaid and their thought was the ratio would be 9 to 7 and 9 people on medicaid for every seven that signed up for obama care. the question rises because of what we are witnessing here. this program cost 300 billion a year and approaching 200 billion for our states a year. the question a rises, who is to be covered by obama care? you have the poor going to medicaid. and elderly 65 plus, going to medicare. and the constitiency for obama care looks to be in question. and highly questionable is the model they created, that is to take high premiums from the young who need little health care to apply to the extraordinary burdens of the eldareally's health care. this is truly a program that is in far deeper trouble and more profound trouble than simply a website that is broken >> no one wants to find anyone go through the safety net. but where are we getting the extra federal dollars when we are in trouble with belt tightening in >> we ar
Nov 15, 2013 9:00pm PST
and people are dying. people are still dying. people will die who don't need to die. they will die of things that if they had antibiotics they could easily be cured of and we have an example of that this evening. you may have seen this picture. it's been seen around the world. it really stunned a lot of people. a woman of what remains in a hospital in tacloban has been manually pumping air into his lungs to keep him alive. he essentially has a broken leg but an infection set in because he wasn't seen by doctors, because there weren't doctors that could see him. there weren't surgeons to operate and antibiotics to stop the infection. antibiotics that would cost a few cents weren't available. the third, fourth, fifth and sixth day. we have an update on what happened to this man, also joined by nick paton walsh in manila. ivan, you were just at the hospital. this picture really captivated, on newspapers, seen on defense around the world. you have an update what happened. what has gone on? >> anderson i'm sad to report the man photographed there 27-year-old richard pulga that had an open fractur
Nov 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
. and here's what the sheriff had to say just a short time ago. i'm told we don't have that sound. but erin, i'm also told we do have now 911 tape recording of the call from george zimmerman girlfriend as she called in, in a very aggravated state at the time when she was describing to authorities that george zimmerman had pointed a shotgun at her, barricaded the door behind her. >> 911. >> i need police right now. >> okay. what's your address. >> you're the one breaking stuff in my house! >> ma'am? what's going on? >> he's in my house breaking all my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all my stuff right now. i'm doing this again. he just broke my glass table. you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out because this is not your house. now get out of here. >> reporter: and authorities say that was the voice of samantha, the girlfriend of george zimmerman. this was her house where this altercation took place. and the investigators are telling us that george zimmerman they believe had been living at this location since august. er
Nov 23, 2013 7:00am EST
'm a political on that. that 40 million people that don't have health care will have health care. host: talk a little bit about why you brought up south africa's situation. because that is the only other industrialized country that does not have national healthcare. every other country has got it. switzerland, germany, austria, france. why don't you guys bring that out? from hello. caller: i agree with the previous color. it is something we all need and we are the only industrialized country other than south africa that does not have it. it is absolutely something we need. curry up next from ocala, florida. this entire situation with obamacare is a train wreck and a mess. where the president went wrong was he ignored what roosevelt did and what lyndon johnson did in passing social legislation. was aent roosevelt president who finally got social security through after number of people had tried over the years. he did so by going to the republicans. it a higherand percent of republicans voted for social security than did democrats. i am not positive about that, but in a lot of them
Nov 8, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> unfortunately, i don't think too many cab drivers were talking about this. i wish they were. >> right. but it did get frothy and combined with the fed and people talking about that this was all pushed up by an accommodative fed around the world, the market ended up high. the ecb cut rates yesterday, the fed is still moving and the market closed down 150 after twitter priced. people do start saying, wow, there are some toppy things happening here. maybe they take a little bit off. when is the last time we had our 10%er? >> we haven't. and i need to do some more work on this. >> there were two public funds that owned private shares of twitter and they actually went down yesterday. >> that's weird, too. >> weird, too. >> and watching the other ones that were totally overheated, they went down, as well. >>> disney, i don't know, do we really care about a small company that barely does anything any more? no. disney is pretty important. >> yeah. >> disney, old media. an awesome company. very well managed. posting better than expected results after the close. the nebs were held by higher vis
Nov 8, 2013 2:00am PST
behavior. >> he needs help, i think. >> i'm don lemon in for john r berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. >>> breaking overnight, super typhoon haiyan. a category 5 storm with winds topping out at 230 miles per hour. it is slamming into the philippines and happening right now and overnight and putting millions of people directly in harm's way. we go live to kathy novak who is live on the phone from manila this morning. i know it's difficult to get live images out of there because you're in the midst of this. can you describe what is happening right now? >> if i can give you a sense how big this storm is. it covers an area as large from washington, d.c. to miami. you said this storm is a category five. if we compare that to super storm sandy, sandy was a category three when it hit cuba and two when it cost the u.s. east coast. this is a category five and only because there are no categories above five. it is just huge. only three official reports of death but it's hard to get information from these hard-hit areas. communications are still cut to many of those regions. several avi
Nov 11, 2013 9:00pm PST
are so great. tacloban is a city of some 200,000 people. we don't yet, piers, have an accurate count of how many people lost their lives, how many are wounded and in need of immediate assistance, accurate number, we just simply don't have them. and that gives you a sense, we're now into the fourth day since the storm hit and it gives you a sense of how tough the communications are for the philippine government, they're hoping to get the airport running on a 24-hour basis, hoping to get relief out here. that is one of the problems, piers, there were no lights. it is very difficult to fly in there in the type of large-scale operations that are needed. hopefully that will start to move again, with the weather system moving in, in the next six hours that will definitely cause a crimp in the next several hours. we'll continue to follow it in the next several days, though, peers. >>> and obviously, we know the military is sending in aid, the chinese, as well, lots of countries helping now. but how restrictive is it for the moment to get the aid where it is needed, given the current horrend
FOX News
Nov 10, 2013 12:30pm PST
. >> we are not blind, and i don't think we're stupid. i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interest of our country, and of the globe, and particularly of our allies. like israel and gulf states and others in the region. >> connor powell is live from jerusalem with the latest. connor? >> reporter: well, despite assurances from secretary kerry, officials are concerned about the directions of the talks. as soon as reports surfaced last week there were plans in place that could ease sanctions rune, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu unleashed a barrage of criticism on the entire process. today even took it a step further, essentially saying a cabinet meeting here in jerusalem that he is happy that it was a good thing that the talks have fallen through. he also promised he would do everything he can to prevent a bad deal from being implemented. now, israeli leaders insist before economic sanctions are lifted on iran, the islamic republic's ability to enrich uranium must be removed. supporters of the current deal that was in t
Nov 11, 2013 3:00am PST
served on this veterans day. we don't have a lot of time. we have wonderful responses. i'll leave you with simply steven crawford. just say thank you. "morning joe" starts right now. >>> good morning, everyone. it is monday, november 11th. welcome to "morning joe." with us onset we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halperin. how is it going? >> good morning. >> double down. >> and national affairs editor msnb chris political analyst john heileman. they're co-authors of "double down." we're going to begin on a somber note. the absolute devastation from a super typhoon in the philippines. overnight the first u.s. relief flight loaded with water and generators arrived in one of the harder hit areas. marines and sailors are also helping with the search and rescue operations. up to 10,000 people are feared dead in one province alone after one of the strongest storms on record. itv's angus walker has more. >> reporter: this amateur video obtained by filipino broadcaster abscbn shows the moment of impact. a wall of water 20 feet high by some accounts crashing into
Nov 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
covenant are doing what they can. it's a mix of anxiety but also were on holidays we don't know how it's going to know the town center piece to four hundred year old japanese pagoda bridge has been reinforced to withstand the winds last long because its high alert and one is doing what they can to protect their home to hundreds of thousands have been evacuated everyone else is told to stay in their homes in coastal towns have all been shot. i don't get their cruelty in about three hundred heat is too close by to check out the way isn't it who couldn't. and i know. in this and we have read it in the off chance that won going away liking to keep the damage the hotel. goats have been confined to fortune for coastal provinces the man is standing firm in the face of it i found this to be gold records and always greets up to six meters high. well tens of thousands of people joined by promises of the vatican earlier on today praying for the victims all got to eat ice cream in the philippines needed or wanted for toll crowds and some interesting is whether he feels placed into the philippine p
Nov 14, 2013 1:00am EST
the republicans stop? >> please don't answer yet. >> let fight begin. >> we have got to get the website up and running. >> we believe site will be working smoothly by the end of the month. >> democrats are confident. >> nobody in this room. nobody in this country. >> this is not about politics. >> this is barbaric politics. >>> there is a brewing revolt tonight among democrats in the house of representatives according to at least one unnamed democrat who told nbc news today -- there is a brewing revolt among house democrats, the white house never has our back on these types of things. they have no plan b, no apparent fix. they're clueless on top of that. bill clinton sure as hell didn't make it any easier for this white house with his comments. they need to figure something out by friday. fast. on friday, house republicans will introduce a bill that will allow people who have had their insurance plans canceled to keep those plans if they still exist for one year. even if the coverage is below the required minimum under the affordable care act. that will surely attract some democratic votes
Nov 10, 2013 8:00am EST
entire neighborhoods to rubble. >> the devastation -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> 150-mile per hour winds ripped through homes and snapped this tree like a twig. the storm surge reportedly up to 40 feet high in some places sent floodwaters into the streets. this woman says she is searching for her mother, father, and her child who was ripped from her hand. cleanup and rescue efforts are difficult because there is no power or phones in most places. people are sorting through what is left of their homes during the day then huddling together at night in the structures that are still standing. this image from space shows just how massive typhoon is, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. if he'd in vietnam then it's forecast to head to china. on saturday a half-million vietnamese people in high risk areas will move to higher ground. they're hoping to avoid the direct hit that was seen in the philippines. wjz eyewitness news. >> and a mass burial is scheduled for later today. tim williams shows us just how powerful the storm is and how it formed later. >>> t
Nov 16, 2013 7:00am EST
to do this for people and the president. i don't know why anyone would site is. at least try and help with it. instead of siding with the corporations who want to have all the edge on the security -- on the insurance companies. thank you and god bless the people. from here's kathy montgomery, texas on our republican line. caller: i have been watching yhis president obama trey slithered his way out of this. you can keep your 26-year-old on your parents plan. actually, he's going to get rid of that. next year when our employers kick us off of their plan because obama wants it this way, no one is going to be on insurance. no one's going to have insurance. he is try to push us little by little onto socialized medicine that doesn't work. our family lives in europe. it doesn't work. my nephews can't get simple surgeries that they need. it is always delayed because the government doesn't know how to run things. my advice to people who are getting kicked off the plan, pay the fine until president obama is out of office and i pray to god that our government can get together and fix this mess.
Nov 12, 2013 5:30pm PST
-storm. >> when you see someone who's suffering like that who's like, they're going to die if you don't do something, don't think about it, you just go. >> pelley: there's a fundamental change coming in the way doctors prescribe statins to lower cholesterol. dr. jon lapook on what this means to patients. in a new poll tonight, the president's job approval hits an historic low. how many americans think he's honest and trustworthy? and caroline kennedy takes the oath near the 50th anniversary of her father's assassination, she answers his question. margaret brennan on what she will do for her country. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: good evening. the world is mobilizing to help the philippines, but just a trickle of food and water and medicine has reached the victims of typhoon haiyan. today, president obama phoned the philippine president begnino aquino, promising additional help. about 100 u.s. marines are already on the ground, as many as 2,000 more are expected. the aircraft carrier "george washington" should arrive on thursday. aq
Nov 12, 2013 3:00am PST
. they obviously don't know you very well. >> we'll try to cooperate that way. >> talk to anybody between the suv and the suv -- >> you remember we did that walk john there were a few people. >> wow. >> it was a great game. it's alabama -- it's a really special place. that campus and the people there. tons of people go there. you just feel like every time guy there you feel like you're home. >> i feel like the guy running the health care website for the president. >> oh, my lord. >> the leader. watching him on the field run that pre-game stuff with these kids and how he interacts with the kids and coaches. there's a precision an an execution there that's really unmatched. >> leadership, identify always said whether you're talking about running a country or a football team or running a baptist church, you know this. it starts at the top. and it's got to be strong. >> all right. >> entire organizes are turned on a dime. >> i was trying to help your book. >> by a strong leader. >> okay. so we have a lot to talk about this morning. >> like your father. what do you have against strong leaders? >> not
Nov 14, 2013 7:00pm EST
don't meet the higher standards of the affordable car act. the outcry has been getting louder by the day. here was the president on this day. >> i completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of americans, particularly after assurances they heard from me that if they had a plan that they liked, they could keep it. and to those americans, i hear you loud and clear. i said that i would do everything we can to fix this problem, and today i'm offering an idea that will help do it. >> pelley: and with that, he announced a reversal. he will now allow insurance companies to reinstate those canceled policies at least for one year. mr. obama also took the hit today for the failed rollout of his health insurance web site. chief white house correspondent major garrett made news when he scheduled the president whether he knew about the trouble ahead. >> reporter: you were informed or several people in this building were informed two weeks before the launch of the web site that it was failing the most basic tests internally, and yet a decision was made to launch the web site on octob
Al Jazeera America
Nov 16, 2013 9:00pm EST
and the children tell me they intend to be there. you don't have power or water. >> we have, but we are waiting for the relief goods. >> you are waiting for the relief goods. >> yes. >> the big challenge is to figure out how to bring isolated communities like this millage back. it's hard to figure out where you would start. community leaders promised that the power will be restored. they have been promised that it will take a month. >> as hard as it is to believe the mayor insists he's optimistic about the future. >> some mayors said, "please, if you have some other city to go to, go to cebu, or go to manila, go away." what do you tell your people? >> no, i'm still telling my people to stay here. we'll rebuild. we can still stand. >> you believe you can rebuild. >> yes, ma'am. >> as bad as it is? >> yes, we can. with the assistance of, you know, foreign countries, national government. i am sure. there's a lot of helping hands coming in. i am sure we can rebuild it. >> people are not going to give up. >> i am sure, sure. nobody will give up. >> between the broken houses, and along the debris str
Nov 12, 2013 6:00am EST
. here's don. >> thank you. >>> thousands and thousands ares emergency workers begin to arrive in the philippines days after the monster typhoon there. wjz has complete coverage of the storm for you. mike schuh has more on marylanders still waiting to hear from missing loved ones. first here's marly hall with the latest for wjz. >> people, some injured are packing the airport trying to evacuate the area devastated when typhoon haiyan slam intoed the philippines. >> it's not a good idea for me to be here anymore. the fewer people here the easier relief will be. i have to tell my family i'm alive. >> the storm nearly wiped out cities. thousands are homeless, survivors desperate for food and drinkable water. >> there's nothing here. we need to go somewhere where we can eat and stay, have some shelter. >> u.s. marines have landed with much-needed supplies. the united states will send more help to ramp up relief and rescue operations by air because many roads and bridges were destroyed. >> there was a 15 to 25 foot wave that came across entire villages. so everything is wiped out. >
Nov 12, 2013 1:00pm PST
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Nov 11, 2013 3:00am PST
in the philippines. >> we don't have homes. homes, we need shelter, food, light. >> the historic typhoon haiyan wipes communities off the map as relief slowly arrives. >>> speaking out. accused of harassment and suspended from the miami dolphins, richie incognito starts to tell his side of the story. >> the way jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and our teammates, how we communicate, it's vulgar. it's not right. >> reporter: now the question -- when will we hear from jonathan martin? >>> sky scraper dispute. which tower is america's tallest? the world trade center in new york or the willis tower in chicago? which city will get the bragging rights after a big decision. it is monday, november 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller an diana perez. >> good morning everyone. veterans's day. >> happy veteran's day to our veterans out there. let's get started once again. we begin with the latest challenges following the devastating storm in the philippines. the u.n. is sending supplies, but access was nearly impossible because the infrastructure is destroyed. >
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 4:00pm EST
to get out of the house because the water is really coming in. i have three kids. i don't know what to do. and then we transfer to the house of my mother. >> as the people walk they pass many bodies on the side of the road. in places the stench is becoming unbearable. removing the bodies is a slow process. those that are being collected are taken to a makeshift morgue. after which they are being taken to makeshift graves. >>> very little recovery efforts going on. clearly there is still not enough food and water to go around and there doesn't seem to be then picking through the rubble looking for missing. at the moment people still seem to be in the survival mode. many challenges lay ahead for this place. looting is still a problem. here the remaims of a supermarket -- remains of a supermarket are being picked through and taken away. with so many bodies lying around and no sanitation, other health problems may soon arise. >> we want to prevent diarrhea because we don't have water. then also, from those who have fever and of course, maybe lepto spirosis. >> wayne hay, al jazeera, tacloban.
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 10:00pm EST
are scavenging for food among the debris. they don't have shelter. imagine what it must be like to be here at night-time. it's difficult to pick your way through the debris in the day. at night-time it's black. there's absolutely no light whatsoever. and now it's raining. tonight is going to be an extremely miserable time for the survivors who are still out there and who help, hep hasn't reached, and they don't have shelter. >> the other horror and health hazard - we see it in the pictures - bodies are strewn everywhere. nobody can move them at this point, because they are more concerned with survivors. >> of course. it's important for us to deal with those that have survived and ensure that they survive in the coming days, weeks, months. and to come and immediately they need food, clean water, they need shelter and medical supplies, and aid agencies such as save the children prioritise the survivors to ensure they are well taken care of, children can recover. no child should have to go through a catastrophic disaster such as this one. >> i wish you the best in your efforts to help the chi
Al Jazeera America
Nov 12, 2013 10:00am EST
people to look for protection in whatever is left of their homes. >> we have to stay here because we don't have any money to leave. but we don't have anything to improve our shelter either, so we'll have to cope. >> reporter: helicopters and the aid they are supposed to be delivering stay grounded. that means more waiting for those who have received little or no assistance from the outside. some areas remain cut off to vehicles, trekking across the debris is the only way in or out. in some areas it took houses completely away. others were able to stand up to the force of the waves despite the fact that the water rose to halfway up the second story. >> there are many people still missing. here those who have been found are stored on a stage on what used to be a children's day care center. this woman is struggling with the pain of losing her one year old niece and seeing their home destroyed. they used to not care about storms in this area, because they have experienced so many. now they are scared to stay here. >> translator: after the typhoon we heard rumors that the water was coming in
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